EDC has been a writer and author on design, architecture and planning for over 30 years; in 2006 she was elected as local Councillor to Golborne Ward in North Kensington, home to Kensal House by Grey Wornum and to Trellick Tower and the newly listed Edenham Way by Erno Goldfinger.

This website provides an introduction to the various aspects of the author's work as editor, writer, critic, researcher and visiting lecturer in schools of architecture and planning. 

Current work includes doctoral research 'Constructing Modern Spain: Architecture, Politics and Ideology in Franco's Spain 1939-1975', at Liverpool University London campus.

She continues research into her paper Soft, Hard and Plastic; work on her book and lecture series, Modern Spanish Architecture will continue post-doctoral research.

She has an extensive archive of images of Spanish architecture, currently being digitised, covering the entire 20th century, and is keen to discuss possible seminar and lectures on specialist subjects.